Frequently Asked Questions

What brand is this?

The brand of this TV is 'Toasty'.

It is a newly launched brand by Toasty Living Pte. Ltd and we are a Singapore local company.

We strive to provide high quality and affordable products to our customers through our motto "Affordable Living".

How can I purchase this TV?

We will officially launch this TV in May at S$889. But currently, there are 2 ways to get a hold of this deal.

a) Lock in a pre-order set at S$839 and pay only S$100 deposit.

We will provide free delivery in May and the remainder of the $739 will be cash on delivery.

b) We will launch our TV on Kickstarter on 6th April 2019 and you may try to purchase the TV on Kickstarter.

The first 10 TVs on Kickstarter will be S$789. Subsequent 20 is S$839 and thereafter, all TVs will be sold at retail price.


For more information of the Kickstarter campaign you can simply visit our Toasty TV page (by clicking on the button below) and subscribe us!

Can I view this TV?

Yes definitely! We are still currently building our showroom and as such, the current showroom is at my residential address - 71 Meng Suan Road, 779267. As we are still doing our soft launch, our viewing times are limited.


Please note our opening times:

Weekday: 8.30pm – 11pm

Saturday: 3pm – 8pm

Sunday: 3pm – 11pm

*Please kindly arrange an appointment with us before heading down.

Why is the Toasty TV so affordable?

To achieve our motto of providing affordable living to the masses, we keep our business lean and do not incur unnecessary cost. We then translate the cost savings to our customers.

These are techniques that we employ to provide costs savings to our customers:

a) Little marketing –

When you buy a TV, you pay 60% for the marketing and advertisements of the TV. In other words, you pay to help build the brand name of companies. Toasty Living spend the bare minimum on marketing to provide the utmost value to you.

b) No middlemen –

Traditional TV brands sell their TV through electronic shops such as Courts where Courts would take a margin. This margins that the middlemen earn will ultimately translate to higher prices for the customers. However, Toasty Living operations are purely online e-commerce based. 

c) In-house storage and logistic –

We handle our own logistics from storage to transportation so that we can reduce our overhead cost and in turn transfer the costs savings to our customers.

Is delivery of the TV included?

Price of TV includes delivery to all Singapore addresses. Please note, at the moment we do not provide international delivery.

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