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When walking around your local electronic stores you will definitely come across words like “LED” and “LCD”. But what does these words actually mean?

LED - Light emitting diode

LCD - Liquid crystal display

It is widely believed that LED televisions are better than LCD television. However, not many people realise that LED televisions actually uses LCD panels and the light emitting diodes (LED) are merely used to illuminate the television as backlight. The term “LED” is actually coined by the marketing department of Samsung.

So what is a backlight?

We found a diagram online to help you visualise what it does. The backlight is placed at the back of the television to provide a light source. Using LED as a light source allows modern television to be much thinner as compared to using bulkier fluorescent lamps (CCFL) previously.

The LCD panels has liquid crystals inside each pixel that can be manipulated with electric currents. Only the desired colours will pass through and those are the colours that we see on the television.




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