This innovative designer bench is crafted from paper and the exceptional honey comb design provides flexibility and resilience. The Kraft paper used display toughness , high wear resistance and is mositureproof/waterproof treated.


The honeycomb design of the extendable PAPIR bench provides the strength to bolster upwards of 600kg.


This masterpiece is a great functional centerpiece for when friends and family come over and its simple to store when not in use – the perfect solution for Singaporean homes.


Our PAPIR paper furnitures' accordion design are collapsible for portability and easy storage. It comes with sturdy hard-textured stiff felt cushion pads. Every flexibly shaped PAPIR products are recyclable and eco-friendly made. 

6 Seater Paper Sofa

$770.00 Regular Price
$385.00Sale Price
    • Folding Size: 65 (H) x 53 (W) x 12 (L) cm
    • Stretch Length: 4 to 5 m
    • Use Length: 3 to 4 m
    • Material: Special Kraft Paper
    • Side Plate: Bamboo/ Leather
    • Cushion Material: Leather
    • Color: Brown
    • Net Weight: 17kg
    • Bearing Force: About 2000kg
    • Draw Ratio: 1: 50
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