This flexibly shaped cat tunnel bench adapts to cat's nature of drilling holes, a perfect bench for all cat lovers out there. Its oddly shaped feature also serves as a multipurpose home furnishing as a foot stool, tea table stool or simply a long hallway bench.


Our PAPIR paper furnitures' accordion design are collapsible for portability and easy storage. It comes with sturdy hard-textured stiff felt cushion pads. Every flexibly shaped PAPIR products are recyclable and eco-friendly made. 

Cat Tunnel Paper Bench

    • Folding Size: 36.5(H) x 42(W) x 8(L) cm
    • Side Panel Material: Pine Board
    • Use Size: 36.5(H) X 42(W) X 90(L) cm
    • Colors: Brown
    • Nett Weight: 4.7kg
    • Cushion Size: 25 x 30 x 0.8 cm
    • Cushion Color: Grey
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